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* About C. A. Casey


Basic Stuff


Birth year: 1955
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio
Hometown: Carbondale, Illinois
Currently resides in: Northern California

Occupation: Cat owner and starving writer, editor and general minion for a small publishing company and loving every minute of it

Cats’ names: Amelia, Temeka, Pretty Lady, Calli, Mr. Gold and step-child, Boots.

AmeliaMekaPretty LadyCalliMr. GoldBoots

Enjoys: women’s basketball, tennis and sports in general ; music ; writing ; hiking ; renaissance fairs ; visiting interesting places ; going out and playing


Southern Illinois University – Bachelors of Music (Major: Music Composition)
University of Illinois – Masters of Music (Major: Music Composition)
Indiana University – Masters of Library Science (Major: Library Science)

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