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Happy New Year

Posted by Casey on January 1, 2008

I’ve been playing hooky from the blog. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the computer, since I’m on it for work and for play. I have two big December events to post and I’m working on them now. Let’s just say, they involve lots of photos.

Here’s a photo I took December 22, from the back of an SUV, on a gazillion lane freeway, heading south to Palo Alto. I saw the shot, grabbed my camera, and prayed that the photos wouldn’t be too blurry because I was shaking all over the place from trying to keep the zoom lens steady in the moving car.

Yep, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge . . .



2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Claudia said

    Nah, don’t believe her. We parked so she could get this picture. [wink]

  2. Casey said

    Yeah. Right. You kept asking “Did you get it?” “Did you get it?” as we sped along.

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