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Between Interesting Stuff

Posted by Casey on December 13, 2007

My life has been pitifully boring lately. That’s about to change tomorrow night. I get to mark something else off my life list.

Until then . . . enjoy this music video . . . YouTube won’t let me embed it, so you’ll have to click on the image to get to it.


Makes me kind of nostalgic for my old pairs of ripped jeans . . . When I looked like this . . .


Yep, I raided old photo albums when I visited my mom over Thanksgiving. This was my high school photo when I was a junior and I’m pretty sure the jeans I was wearing (out of sight of the camera lens) had rips in them.


4 Responses to “Between Interesting Stuff”

  1. Claudia said

    At least I can see your face in the picture…

  2. Claudia said

    Your “mark of the list” thing was fun. Let’s do it again this weekend!

  3. casey said

    You bet.

  4. me said

    Which musicians were in the video and what is the name of the title? Thank you very much! =)

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