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Friend in Print

Posted by Casey on November 13, 2007

baryspanish1.jpg Bary in summer school

My buddy Bary, a fellow librarian who works at the National Gallery of Art in DC, attended the Summer Language Program at Middlebury College in Vermont. He had to habla Spanish all summer. Better yet, he wrote about his experience. It’s on page 4 of the Fall, 2007 issue of Sketches:

A Middlebury College Language School Summer, or, “No English Spoken Here” by Bary Johnson

Sounds way too much like work to me.


2 Responses to “Friend in Print”

  1. Claudia said

    Wow…interesting. Too bad he couldn’t visit California after this. He could have practiced all he wanted to.

  2. Casey said

    Well, he’s taking Spanish night classes to keep up the language. I tell him that California’s the perfect place to get a job requiring knowledge of Spanish.

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