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It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Posted by Casey on November 10, 2007


So why was I leaning against a pillar outside the Burbank Marriott on Saturday morning? Well, here’s a hint . . .


Yes, a bunch of us jumped on a plane in Sacramento, flew into Burbank, briefly detoured to the Burbank Marriott to eat lunch and get ready for the shuttle to pick us up and take us to Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard to see Wicked.


There was a tiny hitch on the way to the theater. The block in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was blocked off. I glanced down the road and saw snow and Christmas trees and a red carpet. They were getting ready for the premiere of Fred Claus.

We finally got to the theater and had to deal with a couple of bus loads of tourists because it’s in the middle of the Walk of Fame. Plus it was just a typical crazy Saturday afternoon on Hollywood Boulevard. Insane, touristy, and compelling in its own way.


The Pantages Theatre is art deco gone amuck. It was built in 1930 and reflects the gawdy Hollywood taste of the time. The interior is ornate gold, upon silver, upon copper in bizarre layer upon layer of pseudo ancient Egyptian, ancient Roman, ancient Mayan/Aztec design.


As for Wicked — good lyrics and book, rather mediocre score. Sets and costumes, stunning. The performances were good, except the guy who played Fiyero. He’s basically a dancer and his singing and acting were very weak, especially in comparison with the rest of the cast.


After the show we walked up Hollywood Boulevard to the Kodak Theatre. We first tried to find John Wayne’s star on Vine, but went in the wrong direction. I did find some of my favorites.


And the star of the Unknown Celebrity


Just kidding. There were a lot of empty stars. I wonder if some of the locations are more prime than others. Actually, Hollywood Boulevard is in the, let’s call it, funky part of town, so a star has as much chance of being in front of the Pantages Theatre, MacDonalds, a tattoo parlor or under a marquee proclaiming “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

Most of the crowd was in front of the Kodak Theatre/Mall.


As the sun went down the crowds got bigger and we had to cross the street to get any view of Grauman’s Theatre. The crowd was just as heavy on that side of the street and the sidewalk is split for people who just want to walk and people who want to stop and gawk.


We got the shuttle to pick us up across the playing fields for Hollywood High, which is just a block away from the Kodak and Grauman’s Theatres. Lunch hour must be fun for those students.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, a Farscape Convention is going on. What can I say? Life’s a carnival. I’m usually at a Xena Convention at that hotel and I was flashing back in the middle of the night when the hotel bar closed and singing and laughter wafted up from the courtyard as the party spilled outside. Just like at the XenaCon.

One added highlight of the trip. On the way south, we flew past Yosemite and I got a good view of Half Dome and El Capitan.



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