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Winging It at Wild Wings

Posted by Casey on October 22, 2007

I was at Wild Wings Golf Course Saturday, outside Woodland, California, photographing the last regular season tournament for the Northern California division of the National Golf League.

We mostly hung around at the ninth hole, listening to the ’80s rock ‘n roll and talking to Kim, the DJ for the event. Kim was telling us how she had to cover a high school football game the night before in the pouring rain. Makes me thankful basketball is an indoor sport.

golf-oct5.jpg Kim and BJ doing their interview thing

It was windy but a beautiful sunny day and Wild Wings Country Club is a nice setting, wrapped around a community of homes outside of Woodland. I can think of worse ways to hang out on a Saturday.

I met Michael and Brenda–part owners of the Sacramento Sirens–and had an entertaining chat with them. I love their enthusiasm for women’s sports.

Every once in a while teams of golfers showed up to tee off the ninth.



One Response to “Winging It at Wild Wings”

  1. Bj said

    After seeing that picture of me,I need a haircut…lol. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you as I always do. Will start reading your book this week :-).

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