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Curler in Training

Posted by Casey on October 3, 2007

Yes. Good readers, I have curled. There is photographic evidence. I hope the holder of this precious evidence will email it to me before he sell copies of it on Ebay for bunches of money.

As a preface to all this, I used to be athletic as a kid. Good at softball, basketball, baseball, track and ballet . . . then I got Osgood-Schlatter Disease–I wasn’t allowed to walk for more than a half hour or so a day for a year so I wouldn’t do too much damage to my knee as I outgrew the disease. I spent years hiking the rugged hills of Southern Illinois to strengthen the knee. But it continued to be injured and abused through the years, including getting torn to bits in a bike accident, which was pretty much the last straw for it to even pretend to be normal again.

So I have a bum knee that I have to pamper to keep it working properly. But I miss doing things like hiking and playing sports. I wish I could try out for the women’s football team. That’s something I’d really like to try, at least once.

Curling is something I can do. I can use a stick to deliver the stone instead of crouching down and sliding, and that’s what I practiced Friday night. I grew up in the Midwest and am used to wintry conditions and have had to walk on ice a lot slicker than the pebbled curling ice to get across parking lots and across campuses to school and work.

I’m proud to say, even though I was running in my regular shoes several feet on the ice to deliver the stone I never slipped and fell. I think I can really do this sport so I’m joining the Wine Country Curlers.


So wish me luck . . .


2 Responses to “Curler in Training”

  1. Claudia said

    How exciting! We;ll be your fan club. Whoo wooo!!!

  2. casey said

    No smiley face banners . . . I don’t think they throw T-shirts between ends anyway.

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