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Final Game

Posted by Casey on September 16, 2007

The final WNBA game of the 2007 season is tomorrow. Monarchs fans, take a moment to remember two years ago . . .


I was there. One of my life list things was to see a championship WNBA game in person. Only a relatively few people are lucky enough to be in the right arena, for the right game to witness one. I even put that wish, through the voice of my young protagonist, in Top of the Key — before I actually saw a championship game in person.

Last year, I got to cover the two games of the Finals series that were in Sacramento for SportsPageMagazine. That was another one of those lucky right place, right year kind of thing. The Monarchs didn’t win in the end but it was still a great ride while it lasted.

So this year I’m rooting for Phoenix. Let’s get the championship back to the West. Only twice has the trophy gone east, not including the first year when Houston was a part of the Eastern Conference. Detroit won it both times. So Dee, Cappie, Penny, the three Kellies, and Co. beat Detroit and bring the trophy back to the left side of the country where it belongs.


2 Responses to “Final Game”

  1. Claudia said

    I have my Monarch shoes on for good luck for the West.

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