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Phoenix on to Game 5

Posted by Casey on September 14, 2007


Phoenix pulled off a victory 77-76. Everyone’s going back to Detroit for the 5th and decisive game on Sunday.

The league reviewed the film on the Pierson/Taylor incident and changed Pierson’s T to a flagrant foul. She also got a T in Game 4, along with Taurasi and Tweety Nolan. I think they’re breaking the records for number of T’s in the Finals–10 so far. Not a surprise to anyone.


2 Responses to “Phoenix on to Game 5”

  1. Bj said

    Go Phoenix!!! Did I say that outloud ;-). I didn’t get a chance to check the board. You were the first I came to for the results. Thanks for the good news :-).

  2. Casey said

    Now we all have to put our “good Karma to Phoenix” in the mail and send it to Detroit for Sunday afternoon. Hey Detroit. You have two championships, give Phoenix a chance.

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