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In Other Sports News

Posted by Casey on September 14, 2007


In case everyone missed the memo, Abby Wambach rules. She got both goals in a 2-0 match against Sweden in the Women’s World Cup today.

USA striker Abby Wambach stole the show on Friday in Chengdu, slotting home a first-half penalty and hammering a stunning half-volley after the break to secure her side a 2-0 win over Group B rivals Sweden.


After expertly bringing down a lofted ball from Kristine Lilly in the 58th minute, Wambach, USA’s top scorer at the FIFA Women’s World Cup four years ago, unleashed a searing left-footed half-volley that was quite simply unstoppable.

Wambach has made 3 of the 4 USA goals so far in the World Cup. Go Abby and Go USA.



2 Responses to “In Other Sports News”

  1. Claudia said

    Cool… I was worried when they only tied the opener…

  2. Casey said

    All the teams in their group had a draw in the first round. That’s the first time that had happened in the Women’s World Cup.

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