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More Fun from the WNBA

Posted by Casey on September 13, 2007

First off, the “Laimbeer’s House of Thug School” thread by the Board Junkies got media attention because Bill Laimbeer (SFO) posted to it. A lot of WNBA insiders read and post to the forum but Evil Bill’s the only one who has let his identity be known.


Laimbeer gets behind the laptop, interacts with hecklers as ‘SFO’

Scroll through the pages of Rebkell.com, a WNBA message board, and you will come across a thread titled: “Laimbeer’s House of Thug School.”


On the thread Wednesday, someone by the name of “bballfan” posted a mock pamphlet on what you can learn at the school, things such as how to act innocent, how to argue with refs, basic thuggery and opponent intimidation skills, taking a technical for the team and the Ancient Art of Flopping.


A few posts below, “SFO” replied: “And it only costs $10k to attend with a $100 discount for a second attendee.”


SFO is an acronym for Shock Front Office. And the man behind the screen name is none other than Shock coach/Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer himself.


“That was pretty good,” he said of the thread during Shock practice. “I liked that one.”


Laimbeer visits the site nearly every day and is an occasional poster (he had 215 posts as of Wednesday.

Mechele Voepel has put the Pierson/Taylor incident into perspective.

Time for Mercury, Shock to move on from incident

In case you’re wondering, Diana Taurasi is still ticked off. No, not furious like she was Tuesday night after Phoenix lost 88-83 to Detroit in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals.


Then, her anger was fueled mostly by the incident near the end of the game, where Detroit’s Plenette Pierson …


A. Took a swing at Phoenix’s Penny Taylor.
B. Got “tangled up” with Taylor.
C. Perhaps was a bit overzealous in her dealings with Taylor.
D. Did absolutely nothing. (Only official members of the “Plenette Pierson Rules!” fan club are allowed to pick D.)


Of course, Taurasi’s take was A. Detroit coach Bill Laimbeer’s was B. Fans will be spread out in picking A, B or C. The WNBA reviewed the incident and talked to the parties involved. But everyone said Wednesday it would not be a distraction going into Game 4 on Thursday night.

Voepel is one of my favorite writers. I want to be like her when I grow up.

I actually met her briefly last year while covering the WNBA Finals when the Monarchs were trying to get their second championship. I saw her name on the media list and made a note of where her seat was. Let’s just say, she had a better seat than I did. She was at the scorers table, I was behind the visitors bench. During halftime, I chased after her all the way into the tunnel and we were almost to the press area before I caught up with her.

I’m shy by nature and can get tongue-tied at the worse moments, especially around people I admire and feel unworthy of breathing the same air–or pretending to write in the same world as them. I also had a minor cold and my voice was croaky and uncomfortable. I introduced myself and told her I thought she was a great writer and gave her a copy of Top of the Key. She said she now had something to read on the plane. She was exactly how she looks and writes, low-keyed, unassuming, very mid-western (something I can relate to). She probably thought I was some crazy person. I don’t know if she ever read Top of the Key, but I like to believe she did.


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