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For Those Following the WNBA Finals Series

Posted by Casey on September 12, 2007

From bballfan at Rebkell’s Board Junkies


For the record many people, including Ted at the Womens Hoops Blog, think Detroit’s Plenette Pierson should get suspended for Game 4 for slapping Penny Taylor in the head when they got tangled up as they ran down the court. They got a double T, only because the refs didn’t see the whole “interaction.”

Taurasi’s a little steamed about it . . .

“She threw a punch, easy as that,” said Taurasi, who scored 15 of her 22 points in a hard-fought second half. “We just saw the film. If you get hit in the face, and it’s not a punch, I don’t know what else it is.”


Taurasi’s anger first flared when she walked to the interview room after the Mercury loss. Near the door, she confronted WNBA Chief of Operations Renee Brown. Taurasi was suspended for two games at midseason for using profanity toward officials late in a regular-season loss to – of all teams – Detroit.


When asked if the WNBA should look at the film and consider a similar disciplinary measure against Pierson, Taurasi said:


“I think the league should look at it. If you get suspended for cursing, I think you should be suspended for slapping someone.”


Pierson, who was voted the WNBA’s best reserve, said the incident was just part of the game.


She intends to be on the floor for Game 4.


“A little altercation,” said Pierson, who had 12 points and three rebounds. “It’s done. It’s over with. I’m going into Game 4 like nothing happened at all.”

A Detroit player, Kara Braxton, came off the bench during Pierson and Taylor’s confrontation. In game two, Cheryl Ford came off the bench when Cappie Pondexter and Tweety Nolan had an altercation–also ending with a double T. In the NBA, players get suspended coming off the bench during a fight. I think they ought to consider that rule for the WNBA.

As far as Pierson is concerned, suspensions have been handed out after the fact before. The most famous example happened a couple of years ago when Detroit player Elaine Powell–aka Pow-Powell because she had punched a player in Poland until her face was a bloody mess–sucker-punched Coco Miller.

The problem was, no one saw the punch except those watching on tv and the Webcast. Well, a bunch of fans emailed Donna Orender–WNBA President–about it. She reviewed the tape and gave Powell a four game suspension.

So Donna, take a look at the tape.


2 Responses to “For Those Following the WNBA Finals Series”

  1. Claudia said

    Told you this would be won by Detroit cuz of the NBA mentality…

  2. Casey said

    Phoenix is going to shoot the lights out tomorrow night. They’re not going to crash and burn two games in a row. They’re especially not going to let Detroit win in Phoenix.

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