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The Phoenix Mercury

Posted by Casey on September 11, 2007

The Phoenix Mercury and the Detroit Shock are 1-1 in the best of five Finals series. At the beginning of the season everyone was certain that this would be the Indiana Fever’s year to win it all. And it was . . . until Tamika Catchings tore her plantar fasciitis and then came back for the playoffs only to sever her Achilles’ tendon in the decisive Eastern Conference game against Detroit.

I said at the beginning of the season that Phoenix should win it all. Everyone laughed. Well, they’ve got three more games to prove me right or wrong.

In the meantime, I finished my little video opus of photos taken with the infamous CatCam at the last Monarchs home game against, uh, Phoenix.

The original 72 MB video is high quality and clear — or as clear as a bunch of out of focus, blurry photos can be. The reduced 6.4 MB video is smaller and not quite as clear, but it only adds to the surreal quality of the video.

The surreality reflects my view of games at the scorers table.

Inside jokes. Watch for the big smiley face in the stands. The attention getting handiwork of friends, who also are briefly seen in the video.


Monarchs Game Video


3 Responses to “The Phoenix Mercury”

  1. sparky said

    Loved the video. You always have a very interesting Blog.

  2. Casey said

    Interesting in the Chinese sense, I think.

  3. Claudia said

    Wow… great pics..when are you coming to set up my CatCam? I’m dying to see where my cat goes…

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