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Pelicans in the Morning

Posted by Casey on September 10, 2007

I live next to a wooded stream bed (sometimes it even has water in it). It attracts all the usual wildlife from the fields on the other side of it, which is basically the beginning of the country. It’s not unusual for raccoons, foxes, wild turkeys (they are a million of them around here for some reason), peacocks (they’re all over the place — I’d loved to know the story of how peacocks originally came to Solano county) to wander around.

Sometimes the vultures circle. Saturday morning about a twenty of them were circling over the creek, joined by some smaller birds and a hawk. The vultures went to a higher level on the thermals and suddenly a small flock of birds flew in from the north and took over the lower thermal level. I rushed inside to get my glasses and my binoculars.

They were pelicans circling and climbing the thermals until they intermingled with the vultures and the other birds.

I didn’t have the right lens on my camera so I borrowed this photo from Wasatch Audubon Society, I hope they don’t mind.




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