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Tennis, Basketball, and Curling, Oh My

Posted by Casey on September 6, 2007

First, here’s lunch, which I’m munching as I type, so excuse the mustard. Yes, I made the flat bread myself. The gorgeous peppers and squashes are from the fruit and vegetable stand up at the corner. I walk up there two or three times a week to get my green organics until they close for the season.


On to sports. US Open — Serena’s out, Nadal’s out, Venus is in, Roger’s in. WNBA Finals — First game: Phoenix at Detroit. Phoenix imploded–Detroit won 108-100. Next game is on Saturday. Go Phoenix!! LJ got her MVP award tonight in Motown. Yeah, LJ. And then they showed LJ and fellow Aussie Tully Bevilaqua miming to YMCA during a timeout. Those Aussies know how to have fun.



But all this is just minor to the big sports event of the past weekend . . .

Curling, California Style

Photo Gallery for Curling, California Style



3 Responses to “Tennis, Basketball, and Curling, Oh My”

  1. Claudia said

    Great article! Nic pics…

  2. Casey said

    Thanks. It was a fun article to pull together. Features are a lot more fun to write than game articles.

  3. sparky said

    I look forward to reading your articles.
    Thanks for being so thorough and descriptive.
    Curling story is outstanding.Great pictures too.

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