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Paradise Comes to Vacaville

Posted by Casey on September 2, 2007

My life is now complete. I’ve witnessed the great sport of curling in person.


Vacaville, California’s curling club–yes, you read that right–the Wine Country Curling Club is hosting a Bonspiel. That’s a German-looking Scottish word meaning curling tournament.

I spent most of today out of the 100 degree weather covering the tournament. Last weekend was the first time I’d ever stepped onto a golf course, today was the first time I’d ever stepped foot on indoor ice. Ice rinks are, like, cold. Go figure.


Teams from all over the US and Canada, including the Men’s US National team, are here.


The finals are tomorrow morning. Bagpipes, ceremony, the whole enchilada. Too cool . . . really no pun intended.



3 Responses to “Paradise Comes to Vacaville”

  1. Claudia said

    Cool…and I mean “cool”. It was a fascinating experience. Just perfect for these long hot summer days…

  2. dj said

    How lucky are you? I love curling.. Dont know if I would like it in person with out the Olympic commentators giving a play by play, but at least you got to see it live !!!

  3. casey said

    What’s even cooler — no pun intended — is the local curling club will show people how to curl. Even people with a bum knee like me.

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