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Monster in the Making

Posted by Casey on August 23, 2007

Let me preface this with I’ve never been much of a player of games. I remember playing Monopoly, Risk, marbles, poker . . . I was a kid sister and my brother controlled playtime, all right? My broken nose is from getting hit in the face with a baseball when I was five.

So anyway, I have a friend who plays Scrabble more days than not. Now before today, Scrabble was just a name of a game to me. I knew it had to do with words and looked something like a crossword puzzle. That was it.

I mentioned to this friend that they were having a marathon of National Scrabble Championships on ESPNClassic today. So there we were watching and I asked questions and she explained and after a while, she got out her board and we played a couple of games.


I think I’m addicted already and I’m truly embarrassed about it . . .


. . . Just kidding.

It just may become my new bad habit, though. I’ll probably start writing using odd words with two to eight letters. Hmmm. That could be a fun exercise . . .



2 Responses to “Monster in the Making”

  1. Claudia said

    I’m sure there is some kind of addiction/withdrawal class for Scrabble. Personally, I don’t like the rules. I think you should be able to make words wherever…If you make a vertical one, who cares is the horizonal one it’s next to is SDDGIAM?

  2. Casey said

    We used to make up our own rules for Monopoly. Makes it a lot more fun.

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