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101 Uses for a Catcam

Posted by Casey on August 17, 2007

I decided to take the catcam to a Monarchs game. Now, this sounds like a perfectly innocent thing to do, but media are not allowed to take photos from anywhere except the designated areas and the scorers table is not a designated area. So this is just between us, all right? It’s not like I was taking high quality photographs to sell on Ebay, just snapshots of my little world at the games.

The pictures from my first try didn’t turn out very well–remember, I’m trying to take pictures without getting caught and the camera is just shooting on its own at regular intervals. I’m going to try again tonight at the last home game of the regular season. But here are a few that kind of capture the essence of the game from court level.

This is Tony, he’s always throwing out a wager. He was all dressed up for some reason. He’s usually in an Hawaiian shirt and jeans.


The scorers’ table . . .


Interesting view of Becky Hammon . . .


Surrealistic views of the court . . .


And me . . . working . . .


Like I said, tonight’s the last home game. After that the number of games depends on how deep the Monarchs go in the playoffs.


3 Responses to “101 Uses for a Catcam”

  1. In my defense i wear a suit everyday and I like to wear something different when I am at the games but I will be very well dressed for the playoffs!!! I want to wear Monarchs gear but I do not think it would go over well!!

  2. Bj said

    They actually look pretty good. For those of us who couldn’t make the last game tonight, though I was asked by 3 different couples who had extra tickets to give away….thank you for the snap shot view :-).

  3. Casey said

    Those pics are from the San Antonio game. I’m doing something special with the pics from the Phoenix game, so stay tuned.

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