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How to Stab Yourself in the Foot

Posted by Casey on August 13, 2007

There’s something amusing going on in the publishing world down under. The issue isn’t amusing for those of us involved with small publishers but everything else about the story would most likely be rejected as a novel because no one would believe that people in business are that arrogant, not to mention stupid.

It seems the major bookstore chain in Australia–Angus & Robertson–has decided to change its policy in how it handles the books of small publishers and distributors . . . It pretty much degenerates into brilliant retaliation after that. I love brilliant retaliation.

The two letters that started it all are here:

A&R dumps books

This link contains an annotation of the two letters:

Bookstore chain puts the screws on small publishers

Another bookstore in Australia decided to do a parody of the letter sent by Angus & Robertson:

More outrageous(ly funny) demands


One Response to “How to Stab Yourself in the Foot”

  1. Claudia said

    WoW…I’m glad we refused to sell to them.

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