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Who Says Vegans Don’t Have Any Fun

Posted by Casey on August 6, 2007

If the cupcakes haven’t convinced you that vegans like to have their fun and their desserts, this ought to do the trick . . .

A Vegan Ice Cream Paradise

My favorite store-bought Vegan ice cream . . . Very Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Double Rainbow. It’s the best ice cream ever and you can get it at Trader Joe’s.



2 Responses to “Who Says Vegans Don’t Have Any Fun”

  1. Claudia said

    Has anyone noticed that Casey’s diet lacks alot of green stuff? Have you ever met a vegan who doesn’t like salads and tomatoes? Talk about weird!… or weirder.

  2. Casey said

    Omnivores are so unimaginative. When they think vegan, they think salad. Boring.

    Tomatoes are green? It’s true I don’t like tomatoes. I happen to like green things like peppers and celery and cucumber and green beans and peas and white stuff like cabbage and cauliflower and potatoes and onions. I like corn and carrots. I like lentils and beans and grains.

    Why eat something boring like a salad?

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