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Oh, Yeah . . .

Posted by Casey on August 1, 2007

Those crazy folks at Key Arena in Seattle began the LJ for MVP campaign for real. According to Jayda Evans’ blog:

“So, KeyArena burped Lauren Jackson paraphernalia today. The marketing staff placed “LJ for MVP” placards on nearly every seat in the lower bowl, the dance team wore green T-shirts with the same message, and the public address announcer must have mentioned Jackson for MVP about a million times before halftime. Oh, and you can’t forget Jackson’s favorite, the “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! M-V-P!” chant. ”

And then there’s this for the flashy new intro to the Seattle Storm site:



The Monarchs beat the Storm in Seattle last night and my loyalties, as always were torn. Oh, what the heck, LJ for MVP!


One Response to “Oh, Yeah . . .”

  1. Claudia said

    I don’t mind LJ or any Western Conference player getting the award. I just want the Monarchs to wear the rings.

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