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Saturday Round Up

Posted by Casey on July 28, 2007

First off, the Monarchs won both home games last week. They’re slowly working their way back into the top position in the West.

Monarchs Douse the Sparks

The Thursday morning game was camp day where thousands of kids practice their screaming.

Monarchs to Fever: “Go Fly a Kite” 

When I logged on this morning, a rejection was sitting in my Inbox. It was for the story I sent to a literary magazine. It took them 181 days to decide they didn’t want it. I think that’s probably about average for the more popular lit mags that get a lot of submissions.

As always, when I get a rejection, I take another look at the story. Sometimes I see a couple of things that need tweaking–I never believe a story is ever truly finished. “Finished” is more of a reflection of mood at any given time. This story has had three trips through various magazine slush piles with minor tweakings between trips.

This read through, I spotted something that was probably the fatal flaw of the piece. It was a matter of moving the opening paragraphs to another place in the story where they had more relevance to the story line.

So I went to the markets list, found the next place to send it, and sent it on its merry way.



2 Responses to “Saturday Round Up”

  1. Claudia said

    Well, at least you found it…good luck on the next submission process.

  2. Casey said

    It’s a flash fiction magazine with an August 1st deadline and a promised verdict by August 15th, so I won’t have to wait so long this time.

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