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In Our Own Image

Posted by Casey on July 1, 2007

Okay. What do I do to relax? Art. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always painted and drew. Even though I spent my childhood pursuing music and being known as a musician, my family thought my real talent was in art. I flipped a coin before college and decided to major in music. Then I spent all my breaks painting and my music sketch books (I was a composition major) were filled with as many drawings as musical themes and harmonic structures.

Sometimes I think I made the wrong choice of majors, but music was where my heart was at the time. So I pursued art as an avocation and took many classes over the years.

So I have some ideas rolling around in my chaotic brain and I wanted to do some sketches of kids without using any references. Just playing around until I got something that looked like a kid and going from there. When I was finished, I studied my result and saw something startling in the little girl staring back at me.


I was looking at me as a kid. Tomboyish, athletic, stubborn, curious. It was kind of scary that my subconscious could conjure that image so easily. Sometimes I really miss that kid . . .

And I just can’t stop playing . . . computers make great coloring books.



4 Responses to “In Our Own Image”

  1. Claudia said

    Nah..not you…this kid has her hair cut and out of her eyes…
    And folks, she really is an excellent artist…ask her about her unfinished basketball picture or the one of Boots.

  2. Casey said

    Some people have a hair fetish.

  3. sparky said

    Perfect youngster! What child this age cares about hair when they are out discovering the world around them.
    So are the boots for walking or riding?

  4. Casey said

    My hair had been declared unmanageable at an early age, so it never mattered what I did with it.
    Boots? Here kitty, kitty.

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