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Always Getting Caught Up

Posted by Casey on June 27, 2007

I don’t mean to neglect the blog. I really don’t. It’s been a busy few days between work, basketball and Wimbledon (Go Mauresmo!).

Here’s the report on the game last Saturday night:

Monarchs Run Down the Shock

I’ve already gotten beat up about the stupid title. Have pity. My delicate psyche can’t take any more abuse about non-creative article titles.

Also, I don’t have any control over what the editor does to my articles. It’s the part of journalism that nobody talks about but ask any reporter and they’ll most likely not be pleased with what their editor has done to their work at one time or another.

In this case, I’m putting in a special disclaimer that I know better than to use single quotation marks (or any quotation marks in this case and I didn’t have any to begin with before the sentence was completely reworked by the editor). In America, single quotation marks are only used for quotations with quotations. I lodged my disgruntlement with the addition of nonstandard punctuation to my article–quoting chapter and verse from the main Bible, CMS15 and the minor Bible, the AP Stylebook.

After a while, it’s just water under the bridge . . . or a cat over the shoulder.



8 Responses to “Always Getting Caught Up”

  1. Claudia said

    Sheesh…Monarchs Bounce the Shocks…What she didn’t tell you was the hour long discussion we had about titles while we were driving home from the game. Titles she WROTE down. What really happened was the start of the Seattle game and she just couldn’t be bothered to decipher her scribbles. She just came up with this lame heading… I mean, we LED the whole friggin’ game! We didn’t run down anyone! Now,if you change a few names, that title would apply to tonight’s loss to the Sparks. grrr.

  2. Casey said

    Sheesh, some people just can’t let things go . . .

    The Sparks have the Monarchs number . . . and Sidney Spenser and Marta Fernandez who react to the Monarchs defense the opposite of the desired effect. The Monarchs were also sluggish from the back-to-back, they couldn’t pull out that three at the end.

  3. sparky said

    Like your disclaimer. Put the record straight once and for all.
    Your wit is coming through and that is some cat you have there.

  4. Bj said

    I’ll be at the game tonight against Chicago. I will be looking for you to say “hi”. I will have the Sacramento Sirens black polo on…you can’t miss me out of 10,000 screaming fans :-).

  5. casey said

    Hey BJ. I’ll be either at the scorers’ table or at the table behind the visitor’s table.

    Chicago is a fun team to watch this year and not just because they’re from my home state.

  6. casey said

    Hey Sparky,

    Meka is a one of kind cat. A delicate little princess.

  7. Bj said

    And my home state too….born and raised a few suburbs outside of Chicago.

  8. casey said

    Small world. I lived in Bloomington and Normal when I was a kid. And spent most of my growing up years in Carbondale. I also lived in Champaign while I was going to University of Illinois.

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