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When I have time . . .

Posted by Casey on June 20, 2007

Hey, boss. Can I have the next couple years off, so I can get caught up on everything I want to do when I have time? . . . Didn’t think so. But if I can scrape together a few minutes I want to write about what it’s like to be on the sidelines at a WNBA game. It’s a cool and unique experience. I take lots of notes on non-game things, so I can remember all the sounds and sights, etc.

Until then you’re stuck with my official reports. The Sacramento Monarchs made up for the loss to Phoenix and beat Houston. Houston has yet to win this season. This isn’t the best way to increase the chances of getting the 2008 number one draft pick, which will be Candace Parker if she decides to not use her fifth year of NCAA eligibility.

Monarchs Deny Comets a Win

Yeah, not a very clever title. I had the same problem last year with titles for the games against the Comets. I even accidentally used the same title twice.


6 Responses to “When I have time . . .”

  1. Claudia said

    Monarchs ice the Comets. Comets flame out…Monarchs win. Monarchs cleanse the Comets. Monarchs blow out the Comets. [hopefully] Comets knocked from orbit by the Monarchs. Comets de-iced by the Monarchs. Comets turn into a falling star by the Monarchs. Monarchs “de-tail” the Comets.
    Need more??

  2. Casey said

    Thanks for the suggestions. Sometimes inspiration fails. Unfortunately, that was our only home game with the Comets. Will have to wait for the playoffs.

  3. Robyn said

    I really like the “Monarchs Ice the Comets.” And a spin on the other “Monarchs Knock Comets out of Orbit.” You’re good at this Mrs. Wilde!

  4. sparky said

    That was a catchy title and the article was just fine.

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