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Doing the Author Thing

Posted by Casey on June 13, 2007


Sometimes authors have to go face-to-face with potential book buyers. Even at Author’s Night at a local elementary school, like last night. For me, whose contact with kids is very limited (is that something a writer for children should confess?) it’s one of those “so that’s what my audience looks like” kind of thing.

Blurry photographic evidence of me interacting with a munchkin. It’s like spotting Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster. There will be dissertations written on whether this photograph is a fake or not.


The kids were more interested in the feathers than the books. I had several convinced that they were actual dragon feathers.


For clarification, I don’t write for children, as in consciously saying “this is for kids, so I have to write it in a kid style.” I don’t change my writing style between something like “Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe” and “The Dragon With One Nostril.” The difference is the age of the POV character. If my POV character is twelve, the writing will reflect the sensibilities and world of that particular twelve-year-old. Kids can always tell when you write down to them.


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