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Monday Catch-up

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2007

The basketball game marathon is over. Next game is Saturday night against the Houston Comets.

The Sacramento Sirens were dealt their first loss of the season against the Santa Rosa Scorchers. Bummer, Sirens. I was rooting for you guys.

To understand the magnitude of this loss, here’s the enthusiastic report from the Scorchers’ home page. I don’t think they’ll mind if I borrow it for a minute.

There must have been something in the air Saturday night because the Sacramento Monarchs were handed their first home loss this season. Diana Taurasi and Co. breezed into town and won by four free throws. That has to be frustrating.

I’ll have to say, I watched Taurasi warming up before the game and they say she has the quickest release in the game and I say that’s an understatement. Her team, the Phoenix Mercury were going through a drill where they throw the ball to someone on the side, they go a few steps toward the basket, catch the ball from that person, face the basket and shoot. Well, the other players caught the ball, turned to the basket, squared up and shot. Taurasi caught the ball, turned and shot– no squaring up, no pause, no looking up to find the basket. She did this over and over again and never missed. She is so loose and relaxed. It’s just one of those special talents and is amazing to see in person.

My article for the game:

Mercury Slip Past Monarchs


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