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Big Weekend in Sports

Posted by Casey on June 2, 2007

When it rains it pours. Yes it’s been raining at the French Open and at the World Series of Softball in Oklahoma City, but this weekend it’s wall-to-wall tennis, softball, and basketball. All we need is a curling tournament to make the weekend close to perfect.



As a bonus, it’s “let’s give Dee some T’s” week in the WNBA. Diana Taurasi has gotten three T’s in two games this week. They’re cracking down this year on T-worthy offenses and Dee’s never been shy about voicing her, uh, opinion.


Meanwhile, my favorite player for years and the great French hope, Amelie Mauresmo lost today. She desperately wants to win the French Open and France desperately wants her to win and, you know, it just gets desperate after a while. She’s an elegant, finesse player and is a nice contrast to today’s power hitters.


I get to cover the Sacramento Monarchs first regular season home game tonight. They’re playing LA, so I’ll try to muster some enthusiasm. At least Lisa Leslie isn’t playing, so the endless chorus of boos won’t drown out the announcers.



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