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Archive for June, 2007


Posted by Casey on June 30, 2007

It’s Saturday morning and I’m writing the report for last night’s Sacramento loss to the Chicago Sky. The game was hard fought and went into double overtime, but one Sky player, Jia Perkins decided to have the game of her life and it’s hard to win against that kind of force of nature.

The full moon is playing more havoc than usual this month–I lost my game notebook on the way home last night and I have to write the report without my notes. Just my luck that there was no tv coverage and no video highlights for the game to remind me of all those notes I take on key plays and interesting incidents. The problem is not remembering these things, but remembering when they happened in the game because I like to summarize the games quarter by quarter.

BJ was at the game. She actually scored tickets in the front row right behind the scorers’ table, so she was in the restricted section and was able to walk right up to me and say “hi.” Today’s the last regular season game for her team, the Sacramento Sirens. They have to win this one to go to the playoffs, so I’m sending good vibes to Santa Rosa as they face the Scorchers who had handed them their only loss of the season.

Here’s the report for the game against the New York Liberty. Again, I’m not real happy with some of the things the editor did. I’m being too nice. I’m really irritated with some of the things the editor did with it . . .

Monarchs Torch the Liberty

. . . Got to go find another cat to put on my shoulder. Here kitty, kitty . . .



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Always Getting Caught Up

Posted by Casey on June 27, 2007

I don’t mean to neglect the blog. I really don’t. It’s been a busy few days between work, basketball and Wimbledon (Go Mauresmo!).

Here’s the report on the game last Saturday night:

Monarchs Run Down the Shock

I’ve already gotten beat up about the stupid title. Have pity. My delicate psyche can’t take any more abuse about non-creative article titles.

Also, I don’t have any control over what the editor does to my articles. It’s the part of journalism that nobody talks about but ask any reporter and they’ll most likely not be pleased with what their editor has done to their work at one time or another.

In this case, I’m putting in a special disclaimer that I know better than to use single quotation marks (or any quotation marks in this case and I didn’t have any to begin with before the sentence was completely reworked by the editor). In America, single quotation marks are only used for quotations with quotations. I lodged my disgruntlement with the addition of nonstandard punctuation to my article–quoting chapter and verse from the main Bible, CMS15 and the minor Bible, the AP Stylebook.

After a while, it’s just water under the bridge . . . or a cat over the shoulder.


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When I have time . . .

Posted by Casey on June 20, 2007

Hey, boss. Can I have the next couple years off, so I can get caught up on everything I want to do when I have time? . . . Didn’t think so. But if I can scrape together a few minutes I want to write about what it’s like to be on the sidelines at a WNBA game. It’s a cool and unique experience. I take lots of notes on non-game things, so I can remember all the sounds and sights, etc.

Until then you’re stuck with my official reports. The Sacramento Monarchs made up for the loss to Phoenix and beat Houston. Houston has yet to win this season. This isn’t the best way to increase the chances of getting the 2008 number one draft pick, which will be Candace Parker if she decides to not use her fifth year of NCAA eligibility.

Monarchs Deny Comets a Win

Yeah, not a very clever title. I had the same problem last year with titles for the games against the Comets. I even accidentally used the same title twice.

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Too Funny

Posted by Casey on June 15, 2007

This is perfect and funny:

International Slushpile Bonfire Day a ‘Blazing’ Success

Side note: References to Miss Snark (even disguised as Samantha Nark) have been showing up in a lot of blogs I’ve been reading lately. She’s become this legendary creature that will live on beyond her two years worth of priceless blogs.


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Doing the Author Thing

Posted by Casey on June 13, 2007


Sometimes authors have to go face-to-face with potential book buyers. Even at Author’s Night at a local elementary school, like last night. For me, whose contact with kids is very limited (is that something a writer for children should confess?) it’s one of those “so that’s what my audience looks like” kind of thing.

Blurry photographic evidence of me interacting with a munchkin. It’s like spotting Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster. There will be dissertations written on whether this photograph is a fake or not.


The kids were more interested in the feathers than the books. I had several convinced that they were actual dragon feathers.


For clarification, I don’t write for children, as in consciously saying “this is for kids, so I have to write it in a kid style.” I don’t change my writing style between something like “Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe” and “The Dragon With One Nostril.” The difference is the age of the POV character. If my POV character is twelve, the writing will reflect the sensibilities and world of that particular twelve-year-old. Kids can always tell when you write down to them.

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Monday Catch-up

Posted by Casey on June 11, 2007

The basketball game marathon is over. Next game is Saturday night against the Houston Comets.

The Sacramento Sirens were dealt their first loss of the season against the Santa Rosa Scorchers. Bummer, Sirens. I was rooting for you guys.

To understand the magnitude of this loss, here’s the enthusiastic report from the Scorchers’ home page. I don’t think they’ll mind if I borrow it for a minute.

There must have been something in the air Saturday night because the Sacramento Monarchs were handed their first home loss this season. Diana Taurasi and Co. breezed into town and won by four free throws. That has to be frustrating.

I’ll have to say, I watched Taurasi warming up before the game and they say she has the quickest release in the game and I say that’s an understatement. Her team, the Phoenix Mercury were going through a drill where they throw the ball to someone on the side, they go a few steps toward the basket, catch the ball from that person, face the basket and shoot. Well, the other players caught the ball, turned to the basket, squared up and shot. Taurasi caught the ball, turned and shot– no squaring up, no pause, no looking up to find the basket. She did this over and over again and never missed. She is so loose and relaxed. It’s just one of those special talents and is amazing to see in person.

My article for the game:

Mercury Slip Past Monarchs

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Rolling Right Along

Posted by Casey on June 8, 2007

Well, the Monarchs handily beat the Seattle Storm last night. They remain solidly at the top of Western Conference. I’m surprised and happy they decided to get it together this year and start winning. It’s never easy to write about a loss.

It is weird writing a positive report about a team that just beat your favorite team. I was a Storm fan before I moved to this part of the world and geography doesn’t always dictate loyalty.

Here’s the link to Tuesday’s night game against the San Antonio Silver Stars:

Monarchs Shoot Down Silver Stars

And the article for the Seattle Storm game:

Monarchs Avoid a Drenching From the Storm

One more game tomorrow night and then I have a week’s breather.

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Busy Week

Posted by Casey on June 7, 2007

It’s a busy week with four Sacramento Monarchs home games. Here’s the game report for the showdown with the Monarchs’ arch rival, the Los Angeles Sparks.

Monarchs Stamp Out Sparks

The most fun part about writing the articles is coming up with the titles.

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And we have an acceptance

Posted by Casey on June 6, 2007

Celebration time. The story that made it to the next round of reading has been accepted.

My story “Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe” will be published in the Fall 2007 issue of Coyote Wild. I’m pleased that I could get a story in this fairly new publication. I like the premise:

In Native American folklore, Coyote is a wise trickster. He does the unexpected while imparting new wisdom and insight to those with whom he comes in contact. In nature, coyotes are solitary predators and scavengers. Their nighttime calls speak to the soul. They are adaptable and thrive in nearly every environment. They are not shy about exploiting the occasional lucky break, either.

At Coyote Wild we strive to embody all of these traits through the writing we publish.

I tend to be a bit of a trickster in my stories and like to put in a twist and then an extra twist at the end, so I hoped that I had something that fit their criteria.

Now I have to finish my latest and get it into circulation . . . After I finish the article for the game tonight. The Sacramento Monarchs have won their first two home games and are at the top of the Western Conference–something I would have never predicted just a week ago. Such is the ever changing landscape of the WNBA.

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Big Weekend in Sports

Posted by Casey on June 2, 2007

When it rains it pours. Yes it’s been raining at the French Open and at the World Series of Softball in Oklahoma City, but this weekend it’s wall-to-wall tennis, softball, and basketball. All we need is a curling tournament to make the weekend close to perfect.



As a bonus, it’s “let’s give Dee some T’s” week in the WNBA. Diana Taurasi has gotten three T’s in two games this week. They’re cracking down this year on T-worthy offenses and Dee’s never been shy about voicing her, uh, opinion.


Meanwhile, my favorite player for years and the great French hope, Amelie Mauresmo lost today. She desperately wants to win the French Open and France desperately wants her to win and, you know, it just gets desperate after a while. She’s an elegant, finesse player and is a nice contrast to today’s power hitters.


I get to cover the Sacramento Monarchs first regular season home game tonight. They’re playing LA, so I’ll try to muster some enthusiasm. At least Lisa Leslie isn’t playing, so the endless chorus of boos won’t drown out the announcers.


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Doing stuff, just because

Posted by Casey on June 1, 2007

I decided a long time ago to do interesting things when the opportunities presented themselves. You know when you see something and say, “I’d like to try that sometime.”

A friend just sent a couple of photos she took with her cell phone. The first one was taken in an environment I’ve pretty much memorized over last summer — Arco Arena in Sacramento.


The second picture was taken in an environment that was new to me–shooting photographs from the sidelines of a professional women’s football game. I’m the lone figure on the left.


Even after several weeks, I think about my experience mingling with the Sacramento Sirens on the sidelines. I know I’ll hold that beautiful evening as one of the special memories in my life. These women are playing because it’s something they grew up saying, “I want to do that.” When the opportunity presented itself, they went for it.

The Sacramento Sirens are one of thirty teams that make up the Independent Women’s Football League. The players don’t get paid. They have to pay for their own uniforms, own equipment, and all travel expenses. What the fans get are women who are playing for the love of the game. They’re living a dream come true. You see it in their faces, you see it in the all out way they play. They’re having fun, the crowds are having fun, the guy calling the plays is having fun. This is what sports and spending a summer Saturday night is all about. Fun and love of the game.

The Sacramento Sirens have been a part of the community for seven years, yet many potential fans aren’t even aware of them. They’re the three time national champions of the International Women’s Football League (IWFL), yet many in the stands were attending their first game.

Several Sacramento Monarchs fans were in the stands wearing Monarchs shirts and talking about the first preseason home game the following night. It’s a no-brainer that the Sirens and the Monarchs have the same potential fan base. A Sirens player admitted to learning about the team at a Monarchs game. Yet the Sirens can’t capitalize on it because their remaining home games are on the same nights at Monarch home games.

I urge everyone to go the IWFL Web site and see if there’s a team in your area. Go to a game. Support these women and have a fun night out.


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