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Fact is Stranger Than Fiction

Posted by Casey on May 21, 2007

If you’re ever stuck for writing ideas, just look at the news, look around you, read historical accounts.

I like to poke around Project Gutenberg and pick out a book and just start reading. It’s like browsing around a library, except bare-foot and with a kitty in your lap. Anyway, I found a book published in 1916 called With the Turks in Palestine by Alexander Aaronsohn. It’s a memoir about the Jewish settlers in Palestine during World War II.

So I’m reading this very fascinating book and come across this paragraph and think, if someone included such notions in a historical novel, it would blow historical credibility.

The Turks were less far-sighted. They believed firmly that they were
going to sweep the English off the face of the earth and enter Cairo in
triumph, and preparations for the march on Suez went on with feverish
enthusiasm. The ideas of the common soldiers on this subject were
amusing. Some of them declared that the Canal was to be filled up by the
sandbags which had been prepared in great quantities. Others held that
thousands of camels would be kept without water for many days preceding
the attack; then the thirsty animals, when released, would rush into the
Canal in such numbers that the troops could march to victory over the
packed masses of drowned bodies.

Camels of the world unite!


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