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Miss Snark . . . Is Retiring

Posted by Casey on May 19, 2007

It’s a sad day in the publishing world.

Miss Snark, a stiletto-wearing, gin-guzzling, George Clooney admiring, setting hair on fire New York Literary Agent, who has a cult following that goes way beyond the publishing world and who has introduced important new words like “crapometer” and inventions like the clue gun, and a wonderful cast of characters like her cigar-smoking tam-wearing metrosexual squirrel-chasing poodle, Killer Yapp, and Grandmother Snark. Who created a lexicon of snarkisms. Who ruined many keyboards with her cutting humor and who raised the word “nitwit” to new heights of nitwitery. Who has had youtube videos and fake news articles and posters created for her. Who has helped more writers understand the world of publishing . . . is retiring from blogging.

The comments to her farewell blog says it all. She will be greatly missed by her devoted Snarklings and by the world. Fortunately, she will keep her blog online and it should be required reading for anyone who is remotely interested in any aspect of the publishing business.

Let’s all have a moment of silence in the memory of Miss Snark’s blog and watch this touching Christmas tribute to her.



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