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The Down Side of Playing Basketball

Posted by Casey on May 16, 2007

It’s called Media Day. All the local tv, radio, and print media show up to the arena and wait around for when the basketball players are trotted out two at a time to make the rounds. I went to my second Media Day today for the Sacramento Monarchs.

The media waits, some of us wander around with cameras . . . waiting. The tv crews sets up their lights and backdrops and wait. The reporters talk to each and wait . . . It’s a fun time for all.

The players get to answer the same questions over and over and over again. They get to stand in front of the tv cameras and film all those little tv spots, ditto for the radio stations. They’re pros and they do it with a smile, but you know they’d rather be doing just about anything else.

I wasn’t suppose to take pics, but the regular photographer couldn’t make, so I was hopping up and getting pictures of the next players who came in and getting back behind my digital recorder and notepad to interview the ones brought to my table. My recorder worked . . . my camera seems to have suffered a nervous breakdown from freezing Saturday night at the Sirens game.

It’s acting like a car when the computer system goes haywire and the windshield wiper swishes when you turn on the lights and the left blinker blinks when you roll down the window . . . Well, my camera’s back display has stopped displaying and a light that’s never been on before in the front goes on (and quite annoying to whoever the camera is pointed at) and it only takes pictures in one mode. It takes pictures in another mode, but I have to turn the camera off and then on again after each shot.

Several shots look like this . . .


But I couldn’t tell, because the back display wasn’t working.

So I changed the backup battery. It didn’t help . . .

. . . Anyone want to buy a Canon EOS 20D with lots of, uh, personality? I’ll throw in the lens that only works in manual mode for free . . .


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