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Don’t Try This at Home Kids . . .

Posted by Casey on May 14, 2007

Photographing sports events is 10 percent knowing what you’re doing and 90 percent blind luck. We can’t anticipate what’s going to happen and snapping the great play or injury or weird incident is nothing but luck.

So my friends said, of all the shots I took (about 1500) at the Sacramento Sirens game, there wasn’t any way I could have missed the mighty Quan stiff-arming an opponent. They’re like “Did you get that shot?” and I’m like “I don’t know what I get, I just aim the camera and pray.” But my friends insisted that Quan was right in front of me, heading for me in fact. I couldn’t miss it.

It’s hard for people to understand that a long range lens gets nothing but close-up body parts when players are right in front of you. But that luck thing was on my side and I redeemed myself with my friends. Here’s the shot.

The gallery for the game is here. I had so much fun, I hope to have the opportunity to do it again next year. Unfortunately, the Sirens remaining home games are played on the same nights as Monarchs games and the Monarchs are my main gig.

Music of the day Rising by Misty River. Nice relaxing bluegrass for a gorgeous spring day.



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