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An Illustrious Life

Posted by Casey on May 12, 2007

Last night I went to a lecture by children’s book illustrator, Joe Cepeda.



It’s always fun to hear how people approach the creative process. His canvas is the dimensions of a book plus space for the text times the number of pages it takes to tell the story–always divisible by four, in case you wonder why some books have blank pages at the beginning or end.

We learned that Mr. Cepeda likes to includes portraits of his family and of himself in his illustrations, plus dedications embedded in the backgrounds. I kept thinking of the animators of the old Warners Brothers cartoons who used to amuse themselves by adding silly things in the background. One animator described a scene where a fishbowl is knocked over and down in the corner an indignant fish walks off the screen. Hardly anyone notices it, but it’s there.

I also received another book from my friend who wants me to become an expert at baking vegan desserts.


You omnivores just don’t know what you’re missing. Delicious cholesterol free desserts that taste as good if not better than anything with dairy and eggs in it.

Now if I can just get that solar oven to work . . .


2 Responses to “An Illustrious Life”

  1. Claudia said

    About that solar oven… if it gets too hot, won’t the cardboard burn too? Seriously, Casey’s vegan desserts are very tasty. Who knew?

  2. Casey said

    I haven’t heard of any reports of the cardboard burning. I guess the foil protects it.

    Hmmm. What treat should I bake next for my willing culinary victims? All a part of my mad plans to take over the world.

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