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Important Breaking News . . .

Posted by Casey on May 10, 2007

Spartak (Moscow Region) won!!!

Now everyone get on a plane to the States so we can get the WNBA season started.

Ticha & DeMya

spartak-tp-dw21.jpg Sue Bird

Lauren Jackson




Diana Taurasi


2 Responses to “Important Breaking News . . .”

  1. Ooo, brings back memories. A bit over a decade ago, when women’s pro basketball was but a glimmer, a “pro” league started up here in the Midwest [I’m in Iowa][not that it matters]. There were about half a dozen team, one of which was the Iowa Unicorns. I had nothing better to do at the time, being retired and [then] unpublished, so I volunteered to keep the scorebook at the home games. Which expanded to driving some of the team to away games AND keeping the scorebook. Which expanded on one occasion to coaching the team AND driving some of the team to an away game AND I didn’t have to keep the scorebook. Unfortunately the league folded after two years [wasn’t my fault; I kept a good scorebook]. But IMHO women play basketball better than men…it’s a good game they play.

    There. My thrupence.

  2. Casey said

    Whoohooo!! Kindred spirit. Women play basketball the way it should be played. Good for you for being a part of women’s basketball history.

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