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Going Solar on a Cloudy Day

Posted by Casey on May 1, 2007

I’m researching a new story. So I built a simple solar oven. I’m three-dimensionally challenged with klutzy fingers, so simple is a relative term. But all the fun details in a story come from the things that can go wrong and figuring out shortcuts, etc.


I’m going to test it on the next sunny day. So stay tuned . . .


4 Responses to “Going Solar on a Cloudy Day”

  1. Dawn McAdams, Kim Miguez said

    There you are! We have thought about you now and then. Send recipe for cinnamon rolls.

  2. casey said

    Hey Dawn, Kim,
    I’ve been gypsying up and down the West Coast. I like it out here. You have to promise to bake the cinnamon rolls for the department and don’t add any of those Cajun spices to them. I actually double the amount of cinnamon because that’s the best part.
    Recipe is here:

  3. Dawn McAdams, Kim Miguez said

    Thanks for the recipe. Since I can’t eat ’em, I am not cooking them, but I will bring ingredients and hook somebody else into doing it. No Cajun spices. Since cinnamon lowers blood sugar, double sounds good. Glad you are enjoying life. I am enjoying my first grandson, born May 1, 2006. He’s a keeper. Kim’s children are all taller than both of us. Things crazier than ever in the library. I can’t wait to retire.

  4. casey said

    Hey Dawn,

    Too bad you can’t eat the rolls, they’re delicious. I am enjoying life. A grandson and Kim’s kids all grown up. Wow. Time passes too quickly.

    I don’t miss working in a library. I’ve gotten too used to working with a kitty on my lap (right like now, little Temeka is purring away on my lap) and setting my own hours.

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