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Lots of Scots

Posted by Casey on April 30, 2007


When I moved to this part of the world, I was surprised at not only the number of people of Scottish heritage but by the number of festivals they have celebrating this heritage. Today I attended the 131st annual (yep you read that right) Sacramento Valley Scottish Games & Festival hosted by the Caledonian Club of Sacramento. It’s held at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, California and they get like 20,000 people to help them celebrate their Scottishness.

Now I’m Irish and have been to my share of Irish Festivals. While the Irish celebrate their heritage with traditional dancing, traditional music, and lots of drinking, the Scottish actually do things much more structured and disciplined. A couple of words that send the Irish thumbing through their dictionaries. The Scottish have games where they throw heavy cumbersome things, like 18 to 19 foot long poles they call cabers and sticks with chains with 56 pound balls on the end and 16 pound stone shot puts.

They also have drum major competitions that require precision movement and they take off points if their uniforms aren’t perfect. Uh, yeah. The Irish aren’t going to stumble out of the Guinness tent for that.

Biggest laugh for me. The Haggis Hurling competition. Little vegan me knows of only one sure way to hurl a haggis and I don’t think that’s what this competition is all about.

I charged up my batteries for my big pro camera and forgot to put in the memory drive. Duh. So I had to borrow a camera, a small camera where you have to look at the back to take a picture, which is hard to do, I discovered, in the glaring sun. I have gotten used to having the best of both worlds with my through-the-lens digital camera.

I’m resisting posting photos I took last year with my camera and have challenged myself to find the best shots taken with this other camera.


I did make a small purchase . . .


For research purposes.


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