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The Fun Part of Being a Writer

Posted by Casey on April 17, 2007


I received my copy of Beyond Centauri with “The Dragon With One Nostril.” It’s always cool to see a story in print, especially in a nice magazine for kids like Beyond Centauri.

If you know any kids who enjoy science fiction and fantasy check out Beyond Centauri. It can be ordered from The Genre Mall.


2 Responses to “The Fun Part of Being a Writer”

  1. I’ll be honest…when this submission came into my reading file, and I saw that it was 1, from Casey, and 2, titled “The Dragon With One Nostril,” I was already predisposed to accept it. So raising it up from the slush to the living word was no great feat of editorialism…or whatever the $%&# noun would be.

    I suppose I should plug the magazine, Beyond Centauri. Plug. There! But Casey deserves the bigger plug. I think we’ve published two or three stories of hers now, and each one a ruby. Now if I can just talk her into sending more…


  2. Casey said

    Ah gee, thanks Tyree. I guess I should be working on another story for you . . . Maybe something without a dragon in it this time . . .

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